R (Finch) v Surrey County Council [2021] 4 WLR 37

Contempt of court proceedings relating to an incident in which the BBC managed to broadcast on one of its main regional news programmes an unauthorised recording of a hearing which had been conducted by video link before a High Court judge.

ADDED Wednesday 18th August 2021

R v AB [2021] EWCA Crim 692

When sentencing a defendant after a retrial, and following a significant change of circumstance since the original conviction, what is the meaning of the prohibition on passing a sentence of ‘greater severity’ than the one imposed first time around?

ADDED Monday 16th August 2021

Hamilton v Post Office Ltd [2021] 1 Cr App R 17

When will the Court of Appeal give leave to an appellant to make submissions on an additional ground of appeal against conviction, even though the court has already decided that the appeal must be allowed and the conviction quashed on other grounds?

ADDED Wednesday 11th August 2021

R v A, B, D & C [2021] 2 WLR 1301

Were communications obtained by the French authorities from the EncroChat secure communication system and then supplied by them to UK law enforcement admissible in evidence or excluded as 'intercept material' under the Investigatory Powers Act 2016?

ADDED Monday 9th August 2021

R (KBR Inc) v Director of the Serious Fraud Office [2021] 2 WLR 335

Does the SFO's power under s.2(3) of the Criminal Justice Act 1987 compel the production of documents held abroad by foreign-registered corporations with no registered office or place of business in the UK and never having carried on business here?

ADDED Friday 6th August 2021

R (Begum) v SIAC [2021] 2 WLR 556

“The attempts by Shamima Begum, the so-called ‘ISIS child bride’, to overturn decisions by the former Home Secretary, Sajid Javid MP, stripping her of her British passport and refusing entry clearance and leave to re-enter the UK.”

ADDED Thursday 5th August 2021

R v Plaku (Isuf) [2021] 4 WLR 82

Three unrelated sentencing appeals were listed together because they raised common issues as to the correct approach to determining the appropriate reduction for a guilty plea.
ADDED Friday 23rd July 2021

R (Latif) v Justice Secretary [2021] 4 WLR 61

The lawfulness of steps taken by the Justice Secretary and the Probation Service, following the Fishmongers’ Hall terrorist attack, to tighten the licence conditions of terrorist offenders released on licence.
ADDED Thursday 22nd July 2021

R v Finch (Simon James) [2021] 4 WLR 64

In a sentencing appeal relating to the unauthorised recording and disclosure of Highly Classified information, the court applied the so-called ‘brightline rule’ to a defendant whose Autism/Aspergers had fuelled his sense of grievance but not his ability to form the requisite intent.
ADDED Wednesday 21st July 2021