Short succint summaries of the Case Reviews

R v Plaku (Isuf) [2021] 4 WLR 82

Three unrelated sentencing appeals were listed together because they raised common issues as to the correct approach to determining the appropriate reduction for a guilty plea.
ADDED Friday 23rd July 2021
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R (Latif) v Justice Secretary [2021] 4 WLR 61

The lawfulness of steps taken by the Justice Secretary and the Probation Service, following the Fishmongers’ Hall terrorist attack, to tighten the licence conditions of terrorist offenders released on licence.
ADDED Thursday 22nd July 2021
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R v Finch (Simon James) [2021] 4 WLR 64

In a sentencing appeal relating to the unauthorised recording and disclosure of Highly Classified information, the court applied the so-called ‘brightline rule’ to a defendant whose Autism/Aspergers had fuelled his sense of grievance but not his ability to form the requisite intent.
ADDED Wednesday 21st July 2021
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R (End Violence Against Women Coalition) v Director of Public Prosecutions [2021] 2 Cr App R 2

The developing approach taken by the Crown Prosecution Service to charging decisions in ‘RASSO’ cases arising from allegations of Rape or Serious Sexual Offences.
ADDED Friday 16th July 2021
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R v Thacker (Edward) [2021] 2 WLR 1087

Direct action by protesters in an attempt to stop a deportation flight, the criminal offences under the Aviation and Maritime Security Act 1990, the defence of necessity and challenges to the Law Officers’ consent to a prosecution.
ADDED Wednesday 14th July 2021
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R (Director of Public Prosecutions) v Woolwich Crown Court [2021] 1 WLR 938

The measures taken in order to allow jury trials to continue during the Covid 19 emergency and the correct approach to Custody Time Limit applications where delay is attributable to the pandemic.
ADDED Tuesday 13th July 2021
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R (Redston) v Director of Public Prosecutions [2020] EWHC 2962 (Admin)

The relationship between the police and the Crown Prosecution Service as an independent public prosecution body, and the duty of public bodies to act independently, transparently and not incompatibly with ECHR rights.
ADDED Friday 9th July 2021
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R (Bussetti) v Director of Public Prosecutions [2020] EWHC 3004 (Admin)

“This case concerned the minimum requirements for a Case Stated and the nature of such an appeal.”
ADDED Wednesday 7th July 2021
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R v CB; R v Mohammed (Sultan) [2020] 2 Cr App R 305

Prosecution disclosure obligations in relation to mobile phones and other electronic devices held by complainants and prosecution witnesses.
ADDED Tuesday 6th July 2021
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