R (McCourt) v Parole Board for England and Wales [2020] EWHC 2320 (Admin)

“The case was linked a high-profile campaign for a change in the law relating to the release of life prisoners who refuse to reveal the whereabouts of their victims’ remains. This judgment related to judicial review proceedings brought with the aid of crowdfunding by the mother of a murder victim against a Parole Board decision to release the murderer despite his continuing refusal to accept his guilt, more than 30 years after the murder, and his continuing refusal to disclose what had become of his victim. It prompted the Divisional Court to review the authorities on standing to bring a judicial review application and to consider specifically the position of victims and their families regarding decisions of the parole board. The court also had to consider such issues as the extent of the board’s obligation to undertake inquiries, the requirement to detail the board’s reasons and the concept of procedural fairness at Parole Board hearings under the applicable Rules, Code and Guidance.”

ADDED Wednesday 18th November 2020