R (Roberts) v Leicester Crown Court [2020] EWHC 1783 (Admin)

“This was a case about a burglary in student accommodation. It gave rise to a trial in the magistrates court resulting in conviction, an unsuccessful appeal to the Crown Court, a refusal by the Crown Court to state a case and then an application for judicial review of that refusal to state a case. The Administrative Court had to consider the law on a number of discrete issues, including hearsay evidence where a witness is overseas; the potential admissibility of pre-trial case management forms; the recusal of a judge for bias; the circumstances in which a court can properly refuse to state a case; and whether, where there has been a wrongful refusal, the matter has to be remitted for a case to be stated or can instead be dealt with by way of judicial review ...”

ADDED Tuesday 3rd November 2020