R v Laskowski (Piotr) [2023] KB 602

Did the Crown Court have jurisdiction to try an offence of offering to supply a controlled drug, where the offer was made abroad but the supply of the drug was to occur in the United Kingdom. How did the 'substantial measure of activities' test apply?

ADDED Wednesday 22nd May 2024

Litasco SA v Der Mond Oil and Gas Africa SA [2023] EWHC 2866 (Comm)

The case concerned the Russia sanctions regime, the provision of banking facilities to Russian corporations and the test of ownership and control. Was the Swiss subsidiary of a privately owned Russian oil company under the control of President Putin?

ADDED Friday 24th May 2024

R v Wu (Susan) [2023] 2 Cr App R 3

Did the offence of 'unlawful eviction' under the Protection from Eviction Act 1977 require the tenant to have been put out or kept out of physical occupation? Did 'unlawful harassment' require a course of conduct and acts rather than mere omissions?

ADDED Monday 11th March 2024

R (Marandi) v Westminster Magistrates’ Court [2023] 2 Cr App R 15

The case concerned an application for anonymity in forfeiture proceedings by a person who was neither party to nor a witness in those proceedings. The court also set out the requirements regarding notice, evidence in support, content of the order etc

ADDED Thursday 7th March 2024

Hicks (Deborah) v Director of Public Prosecutions [2023] 2 Cr App R 12

The case arose from a confrontation between a COVID sceptic and healthcare professionals. It concerned the boundary between freedom of expression and the offence of causing harassment, alarm or distress through threatening or abusive words or behaviour.

ADDED Wednesday 5th March 2024

Birmingham City Council v Jones [2023] 3 WLR 343

The case concerned the standard of proof to be applied on applications for so-called 'gang injunctions', which aim to break down the gang culture, prevent gang-related violence from escalating and protect children from being drawn into serious crime.

ADDED Tuesday 5th March 2024

R v Hernandez (Jordan) [2024] 1 Cr App R 4

The case concerned the civic duty to perform jury service, the ‘fair-minded observer’ test in Porter v McGill [2002] AC 357 and the capacity of prospective jurors to shed their preconceived notions and to take and abide by their oaths and affirmations.

ADDED Monday 4th March 2024